. Kit characteristics


Our MQ-Tech CDI can be used with any carburettor, and deliberately does not include the throttle position sensor (TPS). Thus if desired, the user can freely replace the existing carburettor with any other on the market.

It has a 3-pin connector that can be used to install an MQ-Tech tachometer.



What is the difference between the original CDI and the MQ-Tech CDI ? The main difference is the spark advance curve. The original 10 degrees and 30 degrees initial advance at 3500 rpm, and a RPM Cut-out of 7400 rpm. In the CDI MQ Tech, his spark advance curve is 10 degrees and 37 degrees initial advance at 2800 rpm, and a adjustable RPM Cut-out trhow a preset (regulator REV) to a maximum of 10,000 rpm.


* 350€ + VAT:

A very reasonable price for this equipment over 6cv increases the power of this engine with a piston diameter of 100 mm, 82 mm stroke and a compression ratio of 8231 / 1 and able to turn over 8000 rpm.

A fraction of the cost of leaks and other components that do not yield their full efficiency as the Honda FMX 650 is limited mainly by its factory CDI.

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